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  • The Decopatch Paper is 30x40cm in size but folded within the packed. The paper can be torn or cut to get the desired effect and size for use. The Decopatch Paper can be used to decorate Papermache products as well as be used on wooden, plastic, metal objects and more. The paper does not tear, bleed or loose colour when being used with glue. To paper is best used with Decopatch Glossy Glue and Varnish to create the desired effect and finish.

  • Size of paper - 30x40cm

  • Does not tear or loose colour when used with Glue or Varnish

  • Decopatch Paper can be torn or cut to desired size for use

  • Decopatch Paper is best used with Decopatch Glue and Varnish

  • Paper can be decorated/finished with Patchliner/Tressors and more

    Box Contains

    1 x Decopatch Blue, Green, Yellow Peacock Paper, Pack of 3 sheets

    Decopatch Dark Blue Peacock Print 30x40cm (Pack of 3 sheets) - H1AY4CSNV